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Inner city dweller. Explorer. Writer. Leaf blower hater. Flâneuse.
Neighbourhood enthusiast. Lover of all things urban. Tea snob. Shalom builder.

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There’s something about Mary

  To tell you the truth I've never really been that interested in Mary...but you have to admit there is something about her, the mother of Jesus that is, that quietly and persistently challenges you to take another look at this woman. So as a result, lately I've...

Thank God that someone swore at church the other day

Thank God that someone swore at church the other day. Let me explain. We often have a gathering on Sunday mornings where we just encourage anyone and everyone to boldly and publicly share what God has been up to in their lives over the last couple of months. As you...

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About Karina

Karina has worked in the fields of English teaching, Journalism and has also been a Minister in the Church. She currently teaches at Morling College in Sydney and also writes and blogs about spirituality, mission, and theology. Karina has led a church and also been on various denominational boards and vision committees. She loves mentoring young women for leadership and speaks regularly at churches and conferences on neighbourhood and community mission and activism. She is the facilitator of The Happiness Lab at the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, and is involved in a storytelling project called Surry Hills & Valleys with locals in Surry Hills, an inner city village in Sydney.

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4 weeks ago

Karina Kreminski


1 month ago

Karina Kreminski

“…But to apprehend
The point of intersection of the timeless
With time, is an occupation for the saint…”

-T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets

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"they have spoken of the river Forever bending inside the fever Of the saints that walk all night with no domain" ( lanoise)

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An astonishing, shocking story: so much complicity, so much abuse of powerless young women. https://t.co/YoRioBzAN2

“True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.”

― Francis of Assisi #DevotionalClassics

Those sleeping rough in Melbourne's city centre are the just the most visible tip of Victoria's homelessness iceberg

Every place in our world is a forum for the presence of God.@KarinaKreminski https://t.co/wriLlLCZoF

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