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Things only religious women hear

Last night I went to Susan Carland's book launch in Sydney. She has written a book called Fighting Hislam which is about standing against a patriarchal interpretation of Islam. She has interviewed Muslim women in Australia and North America about their experiences of...

Practicing peace-making conversations in a polarised world

This recent photo caught my attention. It is of 16-year-old Lucie Myslíková, a girl scout who is standing up to a rightwing demonstrator a May Day rally held by neo-Nazis  in the Czech Republic’s second biggest city. It reminded me of this photo also taken recently....

Why are so many Christians looking for churches?

  Lately I have lost track of how many Christians I am meeting who ask me if I know of any churches in their area that they might be able to join. Some of them are not currently attending a church, others are at a church but find it unsatisfying. We know of...

In praise of people who pull faces at library windows

My neighbourhood library has individual seats that line up at a long shared table which face those sitting there to a glass exterior wall letting us look out onto the street. It's a busy street and a busier library. The seats are usually all taken by the time that I...

Is International Women’s Day Tokenistic?

Yet again International Women's Day is upon us and I start feeling that familiar sense of resignation, discouragement and mild annoyance. Various social media discussions have been circulating around activities planned for International Women's Day. The city of...

There are more female pastors…but.

  I came across an article today that sounded very encouraging. Female pastors are on the rise, I skimmed to the section where this was mentioned just to be sure that I had not read wrongly. I hadn't. There are more females as pastors than ever before today. This...

“Pre-evangelism” in a Secular Age

I've been regularly meeting up recently with a group of people who are not Christian to talk about spiritual things. In our meetings the point is not to talk about Christianity, though people can if they want to, but rather to explore a more generic expression of...

The prophetic task of the church

What is the role of the church today? By the church I mean a people that have freely chosen to follow Jesus, in our world. What would the world reimagined look like if it displayed the beauty, salvation, love, justice, truth and mercy that we see Jesus embodying in...

Imitating God’s Work Ethic

  I seem to be learning the same lesson repeatedly these days. My tendency is to plan, strategize and set in place processes that will achieve my goals. That’s the way I’m wired and like all personal characteristics this has its strengths and weaknesses. But I...

Homosexuality and the Church: Two Views and Some Thoughts.

  As I sit here in my local inner-city library writing this blog I am very aware of the people around me. I surreptitiously hold the book that I am reviewing and hope that no too curious person next to me reads the title. I have just read Two Views on...

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About Karina

Karina has worked in the fields of English teaching, Journalism and has also been a Minister in the Church. She currently teaches at Morling College in Sydney and also writes and blogs about spirituality, mission, and theology. Karina has led a church and also been on various denominational boards and vision committees. She loves mentoring young women for leadership and speaks regularly at churches and conferences on neighbourhood and community mission and activism. She is the facilitator of The Happiness Lab at the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, and is involved in a storytelling project called Surry Hills & Valleys with locals in Surry Hills, an inner city village in Sydney.

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Karina Kreminski


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Karina Kreminski

“…But to apprehend
The point of intersection of the timeless
With time, is an occupation for the saint…”

-T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets

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"they have spoken of the river Forever bending inside the fever Of the saints that walk all night with no domain" ( lanoise)

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An astonishing, shocking story: so much complicity, so much abuse of powerless young women. https://t.co/YoRioBzAN2

“True progress quietly and persistently moves along without notice.”

― Francis of Assisi #DevotionalClassics

Those sleeping rough in Melbourne's city centre are the just the most visible tip of Victoria's homelessness iceberg

Every place in our world is a forum for the presence of God.@KarinaKreminski https://t.co/wriLlLCZoF

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